PB & J 4 Life - Toddler

Size Guide

Monday: "Hey James, what do you want for lunch?" "PBJ!"
Tuesday: "What do you want for lunch James?" "PBJ!"
Wednesday: "James, do you want a quesadilla for lunch?" "NO! PBJ!"
Thursday: "I made you grilled cheese" "I don't want grilled cheese! I want PBJ!" (insert hangry toddler meltdown)
Friday: I'm just making PBJ, resistance is futile.

Our kids really, I mean REALLY, love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Every, single, day, all they want is a "peanut jelly" (as our toddler calls it) for every meal. Don't even try to get them to eat something else because it will likely result in a mega melt down of epic proportions. And let's not even talk about the crust, oh boy... 

So in honor of National Peanut Butter Jelly Sandwich day April 2 (it's a real day, look it up) we've made the PB&J 4 Life toddler t-shirt to remind you of what's for lunch today. 

    1. 100% cotton (heather colors are a 50/50 cotton and polyester blend
    2. Super thick and soft fabric to keep your child cozy and comfortable
    3. Reinforced, double-stitching - use and abuse it and pass it on to another parent
    4. Check out the size guide to properly fit your growing child