I'm A Lot - Toddler

Size Guide

If you’ve ever met a newborn or toddler then you’ll know what we mean. Sometimes, or all the time, our kids can be A LOT to handle. When they’re adorable little bundles of joy they demand your attention every second of the day. When they’re two, well what can we say about that… “Why? How come? What’s that?” Don’t get us wrong, we’re happy to see them develop and learn, but boy oh boy some days “You’re a lot!” Take solace in knowing that when dressed in this cozy sweatshirt they'll be happy to remind you, “I’m a lot” and that’s OK. Also available in a t-shirt.

    1. Heather colors are a 50/50 cotton and polyester blend
    2. Super thick and soft fabric to keep your child cozy and comfortable
    3. Reinforced, double-stitching - use and abuse it and pass it on to another parent
    4. Check out the size guide to properly fit your growing child