About Us

It started as a joke.

It was 2 a.m. on a Thursday, a couple weeks after our second child, Zoey, a beautiful baby girl, was born... 

As seasoned parents we thought we had this down and pat, but after not sleeping for days on end, it finally got to us. Mom was asleep, she needed to rest up for the next shift and I was pacing in the living room with Zoey trying to soothe her with a constant stream of “shhhhhing.” It was NOT working. The crying woke her brother up in the other room. 

In my head, I’m silently screaming “noooooo! s*#$!” 

I texted my friend (now mind you it was 2am) who also had a newborn that was 4 months old. I said “I’m going to start a satirical baby clothing brand”. Funny thing, she responded at 2:15 am.

 And that’s how 2 A.M. Baby was born. Thanks Zoey! 

That text message turned into a group chat with other friends with kids and a hilarious stream of consciousness (mostly delirious) ensued where we vented about the frustrating, ridiculous, and most often, cute and funny things our kids do that just don’t make sense. 

What started as a joke became a reality when we realized that simply knowing there is someone else in the exact same situation as you somehow made it better. But most of all, being reminded in the darkest moments that you just need to laugh because that’s all you can do, was the biggest help. 

2 A.M. Baby exists to keep your wits about you, make you smile (no matter how tired or how much baby puke you’re covered in), and remind you that laughter is the best medicine.  

hang in there. sh*t happens. it gets better (we promise). 

Resident Toddler

PB&J for life


Cutest Baby Ever

^ according to her parents