12 Baby Wipe Hacks

According to Diaperplanner.com, your little one will go through 2,500 diapers in the first year of their life. Now we can confidently say that each diaper change typically uses more than one baby wipe per diaper change... So, since you are already going to be likely going through 5,000 baby wipes in a year, there's no shame in STOCKING UP!

Fortunately, baby wipes are infinitely useful to have on hand! Here's a few ways that baby wipes can do more for you than wipe a bum...

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Confessional #003 - Kids Do What You Do, Not What You Say

This statement alone has a lot to unpack: Kids do what you do, not what you say.

You can take this into a number of directions, but the truth of this phrase really didn't hit home until I became a Mom. I watched kids at different points in my life growing up to make the occasional extra cash or help out family members with their young-lings. I intuitively knew I had to set the example when I was around younger kids - I mean, when you're in charge, you gotta act like it right?!

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Confessional #002 - Sleep...The Elusive Mistress

For all you 'Pandemic Parents' (anyone who has had a baby during COVID) - there have been a few misses during your early parenting days. Primarily, being able to get together with other parents in the throws of early parenthood to grind out our mutual survival...
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PB & J 4 Life!

We've all heard - 'they go together like peanut butter and jelly.' What they really mean is toddlers are to PB & J sandwiches as (insert your favorite comparison phrase here). PB & J's are a fan favorite over here - easy to make, almost always eaten with no hassle and delicious enough that both you and your toddler can munch away in communal snack-time happiness.
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20 Minute Activities - Race to find the ABC's

BK (Before Kids) life used to be a relatively uninterrupted stream of getting things done. Now, with babe in tow it's anything but uninterrupted.

We sometimes need 20 minutes to get something done - prep dinner, clean up around the house, fold laundry, or to sit down and take a breath! We hope that in a pinch, you can use our 20 Minute Activity posts to get yourself 20 kid-free minutes to get that one thing done.

This week we're posting 'Race to find the ABC's'...

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Nap Life

Our Nap Life design is created to remind you that your baby leads that life – napping when it suits them, and definitely not on your schedule (hard as you may try). Take those baby snuggles on occasion and remember that one day in the not so distant future they’ll be snoozing when and where you want them to. If only we could all live the Nap Life!
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