The first thing that any chef learns is not how to cook something (surprisingly)... It's how to set up your kitchen, food prep or as the french say 'Mis en Place.' It translates roughly to everything in it's place.

What that means to the non-culinary inclined is that when you decide to make a meal, you actually pull all the ingredients together, you measure everything out and set it up as an assembly line so that the actual creation of the meal goes smoothly.

Now, for the inspired cook who improvises on the fly this may seem like a foreign concept, but for our little cooks who need to learn the fundamentals before they take the approach of 'add a dash of this, a smidge of that...' we gotta help them out by showing them mis en place.

We've done just that in one easy print out! This may seem like 'do I actually need this?' but trust us - any visual helps our little sou chefs. We hope enjoy, because we know PB & J's are for life!

- - -

For PB & J Mastery!

Gather your items! You'll need:

  • Peanut Butter (or your favorite nut butter alternative)
  • Jelly
  • A plate
  • (2) butter knives
  • (2) slices of bread
  • A napkin

Place the items in front of you like so -

  • Front left to right -
    • Plate with bread slices
    • Peanut butter jar (or favorite nut butter alternative) with knife in jar
    • Jelly jar with knife in jar
    • Your napkin

Now, to make your PB & J!

Step 1: Take one bread slice and carefully put peanut butter on the side facing up. If you would like to add more peanut butter, do so!

Step 2: Return peanut butter slice to plate.

Step 3: Take your other slice of bread and carefully add a layer of jelly on the side facing up.

Step 4: Take the peanut butter slice and the jelly slice and place them together, like so.

Step 5: Grab your napkin and enjoy!

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