Mood. That word, like a select few words, elicits a certain feeling for me. Whether it evokes a positive or negative state of mind - the point is that, your mood effects those around you. And likewise, the mood of others can alter the course of your energy and day.

As we go about our lives, I think we can all agree if we're in a good mood - life seems to flow more smoothly, the days are lighter, our spirits are more joyous. BUT when you're in the throws of a tantrum and your child bounces between three moods - happy, frustrated, meltdown.You are left feeling like a chucked ping pong ball, bouncing around the room.

This week, I want to remind you, caretaker of tiny humans, that you can choose your mood. AND there are ways to help brighten yours that do not call on a glass of wine, but that does always make the short list ;).

I hope you give one of these a try when you're mood is taking a turn for the worst, because toddler tantrums won't end, but GOOD NEWS - you can learn to cope in new ways that leave you feeling more centered for the rest of your day!

  1. Take a walk - If you can hand that lil pooper off to someone for even a few minutes, moving your larger muscle groups, increasing your heart rate and a change of scenery helps re-center your perspective.

  2. Meditate or Prayer - I was having a hard time wrapping my head around meditating, until a friend broke it down for me...You sit quietly, talk to yourself and feel better at the end. I feel like I talk to myself constantly anyways, so - no problems there. Then I was turned onto the Insight Timer app. Now, meditating is a daily highlight for me!

  3. Take a nap - When you're feeling weary, and your To-Do list is as long as your arm, sometimes doing nothing, or in this case - taking a nap is really the cure. Sleep deprivation is real and for all you 24/7 power mom's, good sleep is the foundation for charging through your day!

  4. Go to the library - Want to know why we love the library - it's a quiet place (inside voices only!), there's no need for small talk, and we aren't tempted to buy things unnecessarily as if you were wandering around Target.

  5. Exercise - I won't stand on the soap box of exercise, but as my Dad reminds me, "humans weren't mean to be sedentary, we were built to move." If you're looking for a great app that has a wide range of programs, for all levels of fitness, look no further than the Sweat app.

  6. Buy (and use) a SAD Light. Or as we call them in our house, a happy light! - Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) affects not just the Pacific North Westerner's, but individuals that are already prone to depression. If you live in a place that doesn't get essentially 365 days of sunshine, you may benefit from a SAD light. Bonus tip - meditate in front of a SAD light for an extra boost.

  7. Eat - No, the crust from your kid's half-eaten PB&J does not count as breakfast! Make sure to fix something for yourself too.

  8. Drink water - We all KNOW we need to drink water, but it's true. Find out if you are drinking enough and how much you should be drinking by using this Hydration Calculator.

  9. Take A shower/bath - It's alone time, it's warm, and you can take as short or as long as you'd like!

  10. Treat Yo' Self to a coffee, tea or bouquet of flowers - Sometimes only a cup of coffee or tea or a bunch of fresh flowers is all you need for a quick pick me up!

  11. Clean something - I don't know about you, but as I became a parent, cleaning became a task I looked forward to. I get instant gratification of having one thing clean in my life! I'll take that boost any day!

  12. Comedian on YouTube - If all else fails, pop in your earbuds, turn on YouTube and find a comedian to listen to. Before you know it you're going to be smiling, then giggling, then laughing out loud 🙂.

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