According to, your little one will go through 2,500 diapers in the first year of their life. Now we can confidently say that each diaper change typically uses more than one baby wipe per diaper change... So, since you are already going to be likely going through 5,000 baby wipes in a year, there's no shame in STOCKING UP!

Fortunately, baby wipes are infinitely useful to have on hand! Here's a few ways that baby wipes can do more for you than wipe a bum...

1. Remove Crayon Marks

We all have to face the reality that one day our home walls are too tempting a canvas for the crayons your toddler hoards. A baby wipe, and a little effort, will guarantee that your walls return to the blank canvas you intended them to be.

2. Clean Toys

Kids toys quickly acquire a level of grime you didn't know could exist in your house, nonetheless your children. Luckily, baby wipes are safe and easy way to clean toys!

3. Clean Up Your Shoe Soles

You don't have the time (or energy) to properly wash your shoes, so wipe down the soles to get the crud off and they'll be like new!

4. Sweat Be Gone!

Since baby wipes are so safe for use, they are also excellent for parental use - post workout, chasing your toddler, whatever gets your temp up. Pro tip: leave a container in the fridge for an extra refreshing wipe down!

5. Apply & Remove Temporary Tattoos

Save yourself washing a hand towel, use a baby wipe to apply (and eventually remove) temporary tattoos!

6. Erase the Chalk Board Haze

Chalk boards always have that white haze left behind for the board eraser... Use a baby wipe to get it freshened up!

7. Erase Deodorant Smudges

You’re in a rush…so, you throw on a top, walk out the door and realize (when it’s already too late to change), your shirt has the white smudgy streaks down your sides. Well, take that wet wipe to it and you’ll be as good as new!

8. Wipe Down Your Baseboards

On your deeper cleaning days, pass around the wet wipes for your tiny posse to help you remove scuff marks, wipe away dirt and brighten your baseboards.

9. Hemorrhoid & Postpartum Relief

Pregnant and newly postpartum ladies know this too well… the under carriage could use a little TLC. To help ease the discomfort of hemorrhoids or vaginal tearing, pour witch hazel and clear aloe (not the post sunburn kind) into a fresh, unscented wet wipe container and store in the fridge. Use to provide cool relief on your lady bits.

10. Clean Up Glitter with Ease

A sparkle explosion is nearly impossible to clean up entirely – until now! Grab a wet wipe and capture all those floating shimmers with ease.

11. Makeup Removed

Whether you have makeup on your collar, or you ran out of your makeup removing wipes – a baby wipe can remove makeup in a pinch!

12. Stains-No-More!

Baby wipes are the mom version of the stain remover pens on the go. They capture and remove just about anything your baby/toddler drops, spits up, grabs... A quick wipe and no one is the wiser.

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